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Annie and I founded DOT PROJECT to enable organisations to make sense of themselves. We coach organisations to explore how they can harness their unique organisational fabric, their morale, their capabilities and strengths to harness the potential technology provides in order to thrive in a world that is constantly changing.

For us success is an organisation who feels confident in their own capabilities, and understands where they need to bring in additional expertise. Our focus lies in co-creating resilient organisations with a strong core, who can be responsive to the people and communities they serve in the face of adversity.

Dot Project Coop Members

In March this year, we saw society transform beyond recognition. There was a need to pivot and respond so rapidly that most people didn’t pause for long enough to really acknowledge the change surrounding us.

At DOT PROJECT all we knew was that there was a need for us to take heightened responsibility and intensify our support to organisations through these times of change.

“2020 has highlighted why DOT PROJECT exists” — Co-Founder, Cat Ainsworth

One way we have grown our response, is through growing our team. This year has demonstrated how strong relationships and deep networks can enable us…

Annie Legge — Industry Fellow for the South West Creative Network

We’re delighted to announce that DOT PROJECT co-founder Annie Legge has been selected as an Industry Fellow for the South West Creative Technology Network (SWCTN) data fellowship. This is a pivotal opportunity for Annie, and her work with DOT PROJECT, as she joins a unique cohort of fellows from academia, industry as well as new talent (see the full list of fellows here) to explore the use of data to influence our choices, opinions and behaviours.

Annie’s interests in art, technology and the social sector converge in her work with DOT PROJECT. Over the past year she has been working…

Role of tech in supporting older people, 4th December 2020 in Bath, UK

On Wednesday 4th December, we held our last Netsquared Tech4good South West event of the year in Bath, UK. We have seen exciting collaboration, knowledge sharing, and most importantly, tangible impact throughout 2019.

At each event there have been new faces, new conversations and a renewed drive in the conversation on tech for good, civic tech, the digital empowerment of charities, social organisations and enterprises in Bath, Bristol and across the South West. …

Highlights from our recent Tech4Good SouthWest meetup, 25th September 2019 in Bristol UK.

On 25th September, Netsquared Tech4Good South West took over the event space at Framework in Bristol, welcoming along charities, nonprofits, and community projects, as well as tech folks, business leaders and designers, to take a look at all things data, analytics and research.

As we nibbled breadsticks and scrambled to sign in on time, it was clear that many of those who attended understood that the much-uttered terms “data” and “analytics” were intrinsic to their outreach and impact. …

Picture the scene — the smell of morning dew on grass accompanied by smoky hues from the embers of a campfire and hay bales set out under canvas. It might sound like we’re describing our summer holiday but actually we eased ourselves back into the hustle of September by attending the Fireside Summit, the UKs first off-grid startup technology festival, just outside the city of Bath.

This off-grid summit brought together not only start-up enthusiasts, but importantly people who are passionate about how we can shape our future through the use of technology, by solving some of the worlds most…

Highlights from our recent Tech4Good SouthWest meetup, 9th July 2019 in Bristol UK.

On 9th July representatives from the charity and tech sectors, as well as digital nomads and academics, all piled into the Oak Room at Desklodge Old Market to learn more about driving awareness through best SEO practices, website design, free Google advertising grants and Instagram.

Mingling amongst the diverse range of charities and tech people, it was clear that the event was speaking to the direct needs of nonprofits and charities. Many of the charities in attendance were finding it difficult to generate engagement, or rank high…

It’s Friday and as we close our Small Charity Week blogging, we’re focusing on fun — music and sport. How many Saturday’s start with a game of football, a swimming lesson or a music lesson? For some people it’s harder to access these equally desired activities and this is where these small charities come in.

Open Up Music’s mission is to make orchestras accessible to young disabled people. They are unique among SEN/D arts organisations in their sharply defined and clearly articulated focus on orchestras. The benefits of making music are varied and well documented, but for some young people…

Today we’re looking at two sides of the safety coin.

On one side, we have the Bristol Hospitality Network a group which extends solidarity to people seeking asylum and experiencing destitution through accommodation and creative community involvement.

Contrary to some of what we hear in the news, Asylum Seekers are not looking for an easy life or an easy council house — they are looking for safety, and simple continuation of their life. …

Health and wellbeing are fundamental to all our lives. It sounds simplistic to say so — especially if we are well — but if our bodies aren’t working properly, we soon know about it. It’s no surprise then that so many charities operate in this sphere.

Over the last few years we’ve been glad to work alongside charities who have been seeking to do more for their end users by streamlining the back office work. Some of them are below.

Bristol After Stroke (previously Bristol Area Stroke Foundation) is an independent local charity helping people rebuild their lives after stroke…


Making digital tech purposeful. We create change by envisioning a better future where ethics are considered and a responsible approach to technology is adopted.

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